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Younger Coders More Likely to Appreciate Blockchain

A survey of tens of thousands of coders and programmers shows that one in five currently uses blockchain technology, but that could be set to rise, as nearly 30 percent said it is “useful across many domains and could change many aspects of our lives.”

The survey was conducted by question-and-answer site Stack Overflow and involved nearly 90,000 respondents in total. Most were professional coders or students preparing for that kinds of career.

Young coders are more likely to think blockchain is going to be important in the future.

More than 1 percent of respondents—which means more than 600 of them—said they were implementing their own cryptocurrency.

Unsurprisingly, young coders are more likely to think blockchain is going to be important in the future, while their older colleagues are still skeptical. A notable minority of respondents said blockchain was a passing fad (17 percent) and an irresponsible use of resources (16 percent). Opinion was dividedjust over a quarter acknowledged blockchain was “useful for immutable record keeping outside of currency.”

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India turns out to be the country where they are most likely to be working with blockchain.

Among its other results, the survey confirmed an enormous gender disparity among developers: in the US, more than 88 percent of respondents were male. That was the lowest proportion found in any country. The most male-dominated roles were managers, administrators and executives. The roles most inclusive of women and other gender identities included researchers, analysts and scientists.