The Market’s So Bad We Contacted a Crypto Tarot Reader

In my opinion, the best parts of YouTube are the weird ones. Late one night, in the depths of an occult YouTube rabbit hole, I came across Crypto Vues—a small subscription channel where a tarot reader makes predictions for the performances of various cryptocurrencies, and sometimes the market as a whole.

Overall, cryptocurrency markets are in very rough shape right now. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in this bear market, I wondered if talking to a medium was the kind of thing that would give traders an edge. I spoke with Carolyn Dorleon, a self-described psychic and the woman behind Crypto Vues, about tarot, tokens, and why she’s not predicting good things about Civil’s trading value.

Ok, so there are two parts to your background I’d like to know. How did you get into tarot reading, and how did you get into cryptocurrency?
I got into tarot basically as a way to help myself. I was going through some life issues, and I was always into the ‘enlightenment community,’ but I was trying to find a way to make it practical, instead of intangible, just in your head. So I started using tarot because, well, it’s a medium that I can literally go to the store, buy, and bring home. I actually started with regular playing decks, in fact. But that’s how I started.

And the cryptocurrency part?
Bitconnect of course! [Laughs.] A lot of us got into Bitconnect—I might as well just come out and say it. I bought bitcoin and put some into Bitconnect, it wasn’t that much, maybe $500. When Bitconnect went down I was already reading tarot, so I said, I’m done with this [investing], I might as well just break out the tarot cards for cryptocurrency.

So obviously you didn’t see the Bitconnect crash coming…
No I didn’t. I wasn’t reading tarot for crypto at that point, I was reading for other people, not to predict the future for myself. People think you can use it for any old thing, but really you have to use it very sparingly not to saturate the energy.

Most people think of tarot reading as being for people, as you said. What’s the process of reading for a currency?
Well, I read it as if it was for a person. I treat each coin like an individual with the same dynamics a person might come with—a fiery temperament, or a lot or energy, or a solemn way of being. It might sound simple, but I just find out the name of a crypto, program my cards for the coin, and then read them. But what I do, instead of saying, “your husband is gonna cheat on you,” I might say, “you have a mole within your company.” I take the concept for a person and apply it to the world of crypto.

Are you able to do a reading right now while I’m on the phone?
Yeah, sure, I can do that.

I know the Civil token sale is just launching. Maybe you could read for that?

eight of pentacles
Eight of pentacles from the Waite-Smith tarot deck

I can definitely give you a general reading for it. Give me a second while I get my cards out.

[shuffling noise]

Ok, I have the eight of pentacles, the eight of cups, the three of pentacles, and the queen of swords.

So, starting from the eight of pentacles, which is inverted. You know, I don’t think the token will stay at the same price as the ICO. I think it’s gonna trade lower than the ICO. They will be able to make some kind of merger or infusion with another entity, but the publicity around it is not gonna go so well. And It looks like there are some people who are considerably attached to the project who won’t be around for long; people who’ve been in the project for a long time will be leaving. Some of them might come back again at this merging stage.

Let me just pull a couple of other cards… oh my goodness. Well. The launch is not gonna be that successful. You know, it’s not a shining time for any crypto really, so I don’t think this will go well. That’s all I can say.

Wow, ok. Let’s see what happens. If people want to get a reading for themself, where can they find you?
I just setup a Patreon page, and from now on I’m going to be more focused on building my presence there than through other social networks, so that’s where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. But if someone wants a personal reading, all you have to do is email me at Also I’m making a website, which when I launch it will be at

Any last thoughts?
Yeah, I should say that tarot serves as a snapshot for what’s going on, so you can find out what will happen in advance. Of course things can change because there’s just so many moving parts, but if you’ve been following my YouTube, you’ll see that a lot of my predictions play out. Still, people often don’t always want to take heed to what I tell them! I guess that’s just human nature, isn’t it?

I guess it is.