Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Using Crypto to Buy These Sex Toys

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means people are maybe having sex, or at least thinking about having sex. Some of those people hold crypto. This list is for them. Or people who just really love a good bitcoin ball gag.

Smile Makers

Through a partnership with adult payment solutions company Intimate.io, the Smile Makers site has a crypto payment portal, allowing users to buy a selection of vibrators using either ether or Intimate tokens (ITM). In case you’re curious, $179.84 worth of vibrators (aka four vibrators) is equivalent to 885.0920 ITM.

Interesting side note: Smile Makers is a unique adult toy seller. Run by women, the creators market sex toys as health and wellness products, making it easier to stock them in a wider array of stores (not just sex shops). Intimate.io’s chief impact officer, Leah-Callon Butler, sold a couple in exchange for crypto at a Women in Blockchain meetup in Seattle last month.


This Australia-based adult shop accepts a dizzying array of cryptocurrencies, ranging from bitcoin, ether, XRP, and Dash to Vertcoin (which succumbed to a 51 percent attack in December), Flashcoin, and Cloakcoin. The store is just as comprehensive as its cryptocurrency payment options. On it, you can buy “Pecker Bowling” (a “gag party gift”), dildos, and “sex candles.”

A bitcoin ball gag sold by Geeky Sex Toys

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Geeky Sex Toys

“Bitcoin ball gag” just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? (Oh my god, I promise that pun was unintentional—well, now it’s intentional.) At this online sex shop, you can get that, a butt plug, and a dildo, all emblazoned with the bitcoin ₿. The dildo costs $69.

Silicon Wives

At first I thought the title of this shop referred to its Silicon Valley-based patrons, but it’s much more literal than that. You can buy all kinds of silicone sex dolls here using bitcoin or Litecoin. Seriously, all kinds.


I’m sorry this exists (not my fault), and I’m sorry I shared it with you (guilty). You can’t buy these condoms with bitcoin, but you can think about bitcoin when you rip them out of their decorative packaging.